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To start with, who are systems analysts and what do they do? To be a Systems Analyst, we must first know and understand  who are they,  what they do and what are their objectives.

Systems analysts are people who gather needed information,  find problems, create solutions to the problems, and recommend system which helps an organization or a business firm to become more productive. Usually systems analyst analyzes an organization’s objectives and needs.Then they ask questions pertaining to the needs of the organizations and  recommends or develop system for the organization. Systems analyst analyzes different types of Systems and uses System Development Life Cycle and other tools like CASE tool as a guide in developing a system.

Systems analyst uses or analyzes different systems such as Transaction Processing System (TPS) which is used everyday on simple transactions or operations. In able to become an analyst we must know what are the different system, how do they work on an organization, and how an analyst react to these computer-based system and their use of technology .

Organizations uses different systems and technologies in order to make their job easier.These are TPS, as stated works on operational level an  example would be the system that bank tellers use and inventory used by malls.This system needed to be checked daily for smooth functionality and without interruptions. Office Automation System (OAS) are used to support data workers who do not create knowledge but rather gather information and manipulate it before disseminating the information in an organization example of this system is word processing, spreadsheet and other. Knowledge Work System (KWS) are being used by professional workers such as engineers, scientist and others who uses this system to support then in creating new knowledge and to contribute this knowledge to the organization. Management Information System (MIS) is a system that uses people, computer software or programs, and hardware that works together to perform a task.  Decision Support System (DSS) is another higher level system which emphasizes the support of  decision making in all its phases . This is a system that focuses on the business intelligence. Group Decision Support System (GDDS) which is a system that is intended to bring a group together to solve a problem with the help of various supports such as polling, brain storming and other. Executive Support System (ESS) helps executives organize their interactions with the external environment by providing graphics  and other support system.

These systems usually use technologies like E-Commerce and Web Systems since it is easier to some organizations to perform business in the web because of its convenience, 24 hour access and it is global based. Enterprise Resource Planning System helps perform integrations for the organization. System for wireless and Hand held device, these systems are usually designed by analyst some examples of these are the wireless LAN, some hand-held PDA’ s and other devices.

We must also know the role of a systems analyst in an organization. Systems analyst are problem solvers.They are usually called if there are systems which are needed to be consulted that makes him as an outside consultant of an organization. After checking the system they may fix the problem of a system which makes him as  supporting expert and thus after fixing and developing, there is a change in the organizations system that makes him as a change agent.

Systems analyst uses tools or guides in developing system. They use System Development Life Cycle which is used in solving business problems, the Rapid application Development (RAD) which is an object-oriented approach to system development,  and the Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool that helps analyst to increase their productivity and make developing easier than the traditional SDLC.

So now that we have known who are  systems analysts, what do they do, what are their contributions to the organizations, and their use of tools in developing system. To be brief analyst are problem solvers that develops different systems which uses different technologies to help improve the productivity of an organization.


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